Two tips to follow if you're going to start consuming diatomaceous earth

Posted on: 24 June 2021

If you've read up on the health benefits of diatomaceous earth and have decided to start consuming this specialty food, you should follow these tips.

Start off with a small dose

When you first start consuming diatomaceous earth, you should begin by taking the smallest dose your doctor recommends for you based on your health concerns, age and weight. This will minimise the chances of you having side effects you don't want or need to experience. For example, this substance can be used by both those who wish to lower their high cholesterol levels and by those with digestive complaints. If you're consuming this in an effort to naturally reduce your cholesterol levels, and you don't have any digestive issues, then starting off with a small dose will mean you'll be less likely to experience unwanted effects on your digestive system, but you could potentially still see an improvement in your cholesterol readings over time.

Additionally, starting off with the lowest dose of this substance could save you money. If for example, your cholesterol levels drop after a few months of taking the smallest dose, you'll have to purchase fewer bags of this substance to experience the positive health effects you're looking for.

Don't consume other foods or supplements that claim to have similar health benefits

It's best to take this substance on its own for a while, rather than taking other food supplements that purport to provide the same benefits at the same time. If you do this, you'll find it easier to tell if the diatomaceous earth is having the effect you want it to.

If you were to consume other specialist foods that, for example, are also said to naturally lower cholesterol levels, and your blood test results indicated that your 'bad' cholesterol levels dropped after taking both diatomaceous earth and this other food, you wouldn't know whether it was one of these, or both of them combined, that created this effect. Likewise, if you experienced side effects whilst taking two food supplements, it could be very hard to identify which of them is causing the issue, which could, in turn, make it hard to work out which of them you need to change the dosage of or to stop taking. In this situation, you might have to stop taking both of them for a while, and then introduce them again one by one, to resolve this issue.