• Three Precautions for Dry Ice Blasting for Equipment Surface Cleaning

    If the surfaces of your industrial or commercial machinery are covered in dirt, grime and rust, use dry ice blasting as your cleaning method. This technique is ideal because of its minimal adverse effect on both the equipment and the user. As implied, dry ice blasting uses pellets of solidified carbon dioxide. These units are released at a high velocity as abrasive blasting media when cleaning. Unlike traditional sandblasting, this medium is gentle on surfaces.
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  • Two tips to follow if you're going to start consuming diatomaceous earth

    If you've read up on the health benefits of diatomaceous earth and have decided to start consuming this specialty food, you should follow these tips. Start off with a small dose When you first start consuming diatomaceous earth, you should begin by taking the smallest dose your doctor recommends for you based on your health concerns, age and weight. This will minimise the chances of you having side effects you don't want or need to experience.
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